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East African Integration Center welcomes everyone, no matter the circumstances that they have faced. Initially, our goal was to serve immigrants from East Africa who were new to the country. Creating an environment that is friendly toward immigrants is both a matter of human decency and smart economics. When immigrants arrive in a new country, they face countless number of harships and thus, EAIC was formed in order to close the gap. We have served across Minnesota and partnered with local counties and cities in order to empower them and become productive citizens.

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We are always looking for new volunteers! If you are eager to help the local immigrant and refugee communities in their integration process and you’re interested in getting involved, either as a volunteer or intern, fill out our volunteer registration form.


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We rely on donations to keep up going. Support us today through financial giving, human services, or resource giving. Make a donation now or contact us to see how you can help.

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We’re always looking for individuals and groups to partner with in order to strengthen our integration efforts. If you have any ideas or want to get involved, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Employment Services

Job hunting can be overwhelming, but EAIC staff is here to help. We can assist with job search, resume, cover letter, filling out application through online, job placement, and job retention.

Social Services & Civic Engagement

Th East African Integration Center helps individuals as they navigate the naturalization process with services such as interpretation, filling documents, process orientation, and even transportation. We can also refer to attorneys that specialize in immigration.

Youth Empowerment & Wacyi-Galin

Through after-school & Youth Programs, East African Integration Center works to empower young people through mentorship, job readiness courses, capacity building training, and other community engagement activities.

Drug Awareness & Soccer Tournament

Every couple of months, East African Integration Center hosts a soccer tournament where we perform outreach against drugs that has severely impacted our community

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Welcome to the Vaccine Connector!

Multilingual COVID-19–related Material. Expanding Health Literacy in Vulnerable Populations

East African Community Covid-19 Outreach and Engagement

East African Community Covid-19 Outreach and Engagement

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